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1 April 1985
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Name: Zacharias [Zach]
Class: Axe Knight --> Great Knight
Weapons: Axes [A]
Country: Korin
Age: 20 21 22 23 24
Birthday: April 1, 603
Zodiac: Aries
Blood Type: O+
Family: Father [Thomas, 50], Mother [Janine, 41]
Languages Known: Trade [A], Korin [D]

The houses of Korin are typically small, and House Taerin has never been an exception. Still, it is not uncommon for nobles to take on knights and vassals for both protection and the execution of menial or dangerous tasks; and in Korin, securing one of these positions for the common populace is the easiest way to survive, if not always the most rewarding.

Zacharias, or Sir Zacharias, as he's come to be known as... or just Zach, as he prefers to be called, was born to a small, middle class family in Korin, in a town just on the outskirts of Castle Taerin. He never held any interest in his family's crafts -- tailoring, mostly -- and when his parents attempted to teach him regardless, it became quickly apparent that his lack of interest was matched only by his lack of talent in the field. However, he soon discovered his true calling lay in other pursuits; his fascination with feats of strength and his affinity for the axe became more pronounced the older he grew. Having long given up on having their son carry on the family craft, his parents wished him well and made no protest when he announced his decision to join the ranks of House Taerin as an apprentice knight at the age of thirteen.

His dedication allowed him success in this field; though the majority of Korin's military force is comprised of Pegasus Knights -- their ability to fly a must considering the climate and terrain of their homeland -- Zach's strength and passion for the position have managed to gain him some noteriety. He has served as a relatively high ranking member of House Taerin's mounted division of knights, but his disdain, or rather, lack of interest in upholding the resulting responsibilities have kept him from achieving a commanding position with any real power... and really, that doesn't bother him in the least. He does what is asked of him, and usually exceptionally well, so long as the tasks given involve matters of strength and will over those of cunning and tactical prowress.

Not long ago, he was charged with the task of watching after the runaway middle daughter of House Taerin. Her rebellious nature had long been speculated over, anyway, and he was (and is) well acquainted with her, having been one of her sparring partners during her training as a Pegasus Knight. His orders are to bring were home if possible, and remain by her side and keep her safe, if not.

Unfortunately, the escalating conflict between Houses Keir and Sylea of Korin soon prompted House Taerin's involvement; as such, he was recalled to serve on the battlefront, with instructions to leave Lauren with the displaced Lords (and Lady) of Franel and their companions. He met up with Lord Eric, heir of House Kaitos and longtime friend of Lady Lauren's along the way. They made the long journey home together -- though, because Eric did not actually wish to return to his own home, he remained at House Taerin under disguise, with only Zach knowing his true identity.

Zach was then made Captain of a force intended to bolster Rayla's troops and serve as a marker of Taerin's continued loyalty. During the journey from Taerin to Rayla, however, the Taerin troops under Zach were ambushed by a force of Pegasus Knights courtesy of House Sametar, acting under their own motivations. Eric and Lady Lara of House Kasrae -- sent previously from Rayla to Taerin to keep tabs on the army for Lady Eve -- were kidnapped in the ensuing struggle, which resulted in the decimation of the Taerin army, save for a sparse dozen troops, Zach among them.

They stumbled into Rayla weeks later, barely alive. When he awoke, it became apparent to his caretakers that Zach's head injuries had resulted in an odd form of periodic amnesia. He has days where he remembers everything clearly, and days where he can remember absolutely nothing at all, and days at all points on the spectrum in between. However, he has retained his skills as a knight, and his appointment as captain of the Taerin Knights sent to Rayla has not yet been recalled.

Zach was involved in the effort to rescue Eric and Lara from their captivity, when it became clear that Sametar's ransom demands were unreasonable. Rayla scrounged enough money to free Lara, and upon her return, and the subsequent arrival of the Kaitos army, they marched on Sametar to free Eric by force. Negotiations to this end resulted in the death of Lord Warner, the lecherous, short-tempered heir to Sametar.

With Eric freed, Zach, Lara and their respective armies returned to Rayla, though it is widely presumed Sametar will seek revenge once they've recovered their losses. Zach waits now in Rayla, remaining to represent Taerin forces -- however meagerly -- and awaiting further conflict or orders, whichever comes first. His memory loss persists in intervals, though as time goes on, he seems to steadily improve.

Zach is a fairly mellow and laid-back guy, though if the situation calls for it he can be quite intimidating. He is quite loyal to both Korin, his homeland, and House Taerin in particular, and known for his tenacious nature -- given a task, his policy is either to accomplish it or die trying. Still, his loyalty isn't blind; he has his own set of morals and at least a vague sense of self preservation. He is good at, and enjoys fighting, often sparring with his companions in his spare time.

His nature is one of sincerity and frankness; he says exactly what is on his mind, doesn't mince words, and certainly doesn't sugarcoat things... usually. He tends to miss the obvious, but can be surprisingly insightful when it's least expected of him, and really, without meaning to be. He doesn't think of himself as particularly unfriendly, and is in fact a rather nice guy, but his gruff demeanor and imposing stature often lend to first impressions of the opposite nature. When he does make friends, he is loyal and true to the end on their behalf, and expects the same in return. He is also generally quite open around those he trusts -- and it's not hard to gain his trust, though it is exceptionally easy to lose it -- quick to crack jokes and bring some humor into even the most dire situations. He is not vain, exactly... he is, however, aware of how strong he is and likes to show it off.

His greatest weakness is probably a woman in distress; he's gotten himself in trouble on more than one occassion for jumping to their defense in both appropriate and inappropriate settings. He has no reservations in fighting them if they are, in fact, an enemy... but insulting or otherwise assaulting an unarmed woman, or worse, one he considers a friend or at least an ally is a decidedly bad idea when Zach is around.

As an accomplished axe fighter, Zach is muscular and large in stature. He is also very tall, towering above most of the knights in his company at 6'5". He is rarely seen without his axe, wears heavy riding armor, and is quite an imposing sight, especially with his horse, Hamlet. His hair and eyes are both dark blue, and he wears an eyepatch over his left eye for undisclosed reasons that he's more than likely to grunt incoherently about if asked. He's rather good looking, but isn't aware of or really particularly interested in the fact.

[Zach is played by elzie for himitsu_sensou]
[His PB is Darcia, from Wolf's Rain.]

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